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Paul Caraway’s career spans experience with Fortune 100 companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, successfully overseeing the operations for multimillion-dollar companies, Paul is an entrepreneur at heart and carries the perspective of building his own small businesses.

He offers in-depth knowledge in reviewing company strategies to build or rebuild, understands the components of effective compensation, and utilizes technology with video to draw audiences effectively. With a background in running operations for personal development coaches, multi-level marketing teams and corporations, as well as CBD companies.

Moreover, he boasts skills in sales funnel development and design, squeeze page creation, and team management to build needed tools for success. Caraway’s key strengths center in over 45 years in information technology. He provides expertise in development, web design, database design, client support and operational oversight.

Additionally, he has worked over 45 years in video production including live broadcasting, directing, hosting, voice-over, editing and videography. Caraway is a passionate actor with a portfolio of roles on the stage, as well as on camera in commercials, short films, television and full-feature films.


My Acting Reel

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Can money be used as a negative incentive?

Did you know money can actually have a negative impact if used the wrong way? This is about an experience I had with my last corporate America job. I had been working for this company for about 20 years. The money was good, I had people working for me, I was growing...

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How to Handle the Loss of a Project

Where have I been and how to handle the loss of a project? This is the topic for this week. I thought I would do a video blog to verbal explain my thoughts. I hope you enjoy the video!Until next time... My name is Paul CarawayMore Power To You!

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How I became a Portable Disc Jockey

As a young adult I was presented with a lot of different opportunities. One of those was as a Disc Jockey. My partner was Garry Lake and his father made our equipment, This included Speakers, the cabinet, our lighting. We were fortunate as Gary's father was a pattern...

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Our Marketing Legacy, LLC / Dir. Paul Caraway

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Xenesta International / Dir. Paul Caraway

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It’s Astonishing, LLC / Dir. Paul Caraway

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Platinum BioSciences, Inc / Dir. Paul Caraway


A Machine for Rats

Robert Morgan

Zach Blackwell / Blackwell Film Company

The Project


Amy M Gokey / M2GG Production

Life Out of Control


Amy M Gokey / Gokey Production

Gringo the Movie


Student Film / Cinematic Arts Department at UTA

Murder Made Me Famous – The Unabomber


William Kaufman / REELZ Channel

4 (You have 4 minutes left)


Tola Olatunji / Rent A Studio (Dallas)


Workaholic – Rap Video

The Big Boss

Drussellamerica / Drussellamerica

Insperity Commercial


Randy Peterson / The Distillery

Mid Body Tough Guy

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